Bay Area Events: Passes & Tickets

SPECIAL NOTE: No unauthorized recording (audio or video) of any footprint or duration is allowed during concert.

  • Please collect your passes at the event you attend first: produce your email-receipt (PDF attachment with QR-code) as Proof of Purchase. (We do not mail Annual Passes.
  • We do not mail Event Tickets: The email receipt (PDF attachment with QR-code) you get is your Proof of Purchase and, hence, your ticket(s) to the concert.
  • Your Proof of Purchase may be produced in print or on your Personal Device (e.g., smartphone/tablet)
  • Individual Event Tickets are non-refundable.

For questions about tickets or events, please email Tickets

Or (Call/Hangouts/WhatsApp): +1-650-336-5292

Thanks you for your support!

Note to Annual Pass Holders:

Each Annual Pass allows admission (to exactly One Person) for each of the following concerts

Seating Chart for Betty(Elizabeth) Hangs Theater (courtesy SCCC)

Seating Chart for Cubberley Theater (courtesy City of Palo Alto)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

  1. How many concerts does the (Annual) Pass cover?
    • As many as there are concerts presented in a year - unless exceptions are explicitly stated (very rare - has happened once in 2014)
  2. Are passes valid for more than a year?
    • By definition of (annual) passes they are valid only for the year of purchase.
  3. How many persons per pass?
    • Sankritilaya only sells in denomination of single pass (no concept of group or family passes)
  4. Are there Senior/Student passes?
    • Right from the outset the passes are priced to be affordable for Seniors and Students; we have worked hard to balance that simplicity of structure to be flat and uniform. This saves us effort and resources. Hence, it is a flat pricing.
  5. (When) will you be mailing passes?
    • To keep pricing down (as above) we do not mail passes - but facilitate pickup at the first attended concert.
  6. How about (tickets/passes) for children?
    • Anyone who needs to have his/her own seat will need to have a pass (or ticket for that event)