Bay Area: Passes & Tickets

SPECIAL NOTE: No unauthorized recording (audio or video) of any footprint or duration is allowed during concert.

  • We are beginning to phase out physical (credit-card-size) passes in favor of Passes and Tickets on Mobile App, SanKritiLaya. However, we will still provide physical passes at a small additional cost.

  • If you opt for Physical Passes please collect it/them at the first event you attend: produce your email-receipt (PDF attachment with QR-code) as Proof of Purchase. We do not mail Passes.

  • We prefer that you use our Mobile App: it has a wallet for Passes & Tickets

  • We do not mail Event Tickets: The email receipt (PDF attachment with QR-code) you get is your Proof of Purchase and, hence, your ticket(s) to the concert.

  • Individual Event Tickets are non-refundable.

  • On-Stage Tickets:

    • Stage: Requires ascending 5-8 steps to the stage. Benign as they are - do consider while getting the tickets

    • Seats: Seats onstage are chairs; while comfortablly cushioned they are likely armless

    • Exit/Re-enter: even as doing so is facilitated behind curtains - audience are urged to use more restraint in doing so.

For questions about tickets or events, please email Tickets OR (Call/Hangouts/WhatsApp): +1-650-336-5292

Thank you for your support!

Seating Chart for Betty(Elizabeth) Hangs Theater (courtesy SCCC)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

  1. How many concerts does the (Annual) Pass cover?

    • As many as there are concerts presented in a year - unless exceptions are explicitly stated (very rare - has happened once in 2014)

  2. Are passes valid for more than a year?

    • By definition of (annual) passes they are valid only for the year of purchase.

  3. How many persons per pass?

    • Sankritilaya only sells in denomination of single pass (no concept of group or family passes)

  4. Are there Senior/Student passes?

    • Right from the outset the passes are priced to be affordable for Seniors and Students; we have worked hard to balance that simplicity of structure to be flat and uniform. This saves us effort and resources. Hence, it is a flat pricing.

  5. (When) will you be mailing passes?

    • To keep pricing down (as above) we do not mail passes - but facilitate pickup at the first attended concert.

  6. How about (tickets/passes) for children?

    • Anyone who needs to have his/her own seat will need to have a pass (or ticket for that event)

  7. Once I get my Pass(es) do I need to 'obtain' tickets for every event it covers?

    • No: The Pass you have (been emailed) and also walleted against your email(-account) online is enough.