Privacy Policy

SanKritiLaya is committed to guaranteeing privacy of information for all her visitors as well as all sharing personal information on her website,, and/or her mobile applications (hereafter, apps), sankritilaya, used primarily for reasons of communicating to her members. Accepting personal information is purely on the basis of explicit user consent. SanKritiLaya appreciates the valuable information collected and takes serious care to utilize this data shared to best serve the subscriber’s expectations.

Providing Information to SanKritiLaya

SanKritiLaya provides visitors with online request or service forms which can be used to request information about the company, a specific project, or services related to a venture. In order to identify the subscriber/user preferences and respond to the request(s), personal information including but not limited to name, phone number, and email address may be required. The use of these forms is always voluntary, and is not necessary to navigate through the website or the app.


In the course of ensuring privacy, security technologies and mechanisms play a crucial role in

  1. Reliably acquiring them without taint by unauthorized third parties when receiving input off the internet
  2. Ensuring data is protected from unauthorized personnel in storage post-acquisition
  3. Personal information is not leaked to unauthorized roles and peer subscribers in the course of being used for communications

Mobile Apps and Accounts

Mobile app (sankritilaya) users are required to create an account which is managed by the SanKritiLaya. This account is password-protected or identity-validated by external Identity Providers, viz., Facebook or Google, if the subscriber has an account with them. If password-based subscription is enrolled, the password is protected encrypted by one-way mechanism to discourage unauthorized use and impersonation; thus protecting from access to personal information that is already otherwise protected. This, in addition to sharing personal information in the case of mailing list subscription has the (password or social-identity login based) authentication phase to allow access. Refer to [How information is Used] section on extended use of the account to enhance the user experiences of the registered subscriber.


All data provided and accepted at or through our mobile app (sankritilaya) is encrypted end-end under TLS (loosely known as SSL) protocol. This guarantees web-site server authentication and encrypts all information from the web service to the user’s system. Thus, all personal information, provided under explicit user consent and volition, is protected from active (e.g., impersonation, modification) and passive (e.g., eavesdropping) attacks.


Visitors, who complete an online form, will receive information based on their preferences and/or request(s). Once a visitor has submitted an online request to be added to a community interest list, he/she will receive a verification email. The user must respond by clicking a link as proof of ownership of the claimed email identity. Upon receipt of such confirmation, all done using trusted channels secured by TLS, the user is enrolled in the subscriber list and receives a follow-up email of confirmation of such subscription. This two-step process binds the user information, provided at submission time, to the email identity.

(At input time, the user is put through a recaptcha verification to protect against bogus automated enrollments by bots although this is not directly relevant to this privacy policy).


Only one administrative personnel responsible for development and administration of the subscriber database has access to data that is stored. The data is not accessible to any other administrator of the infrastructure nor shared with any other entities in the organization. The infrastructure provides assurances against administrators outside the organization. Thus, exposure of personal information is limited to a need-to-know and/or need-to-manage basis.

Information Collected

As of writing the information collected includes Full Name (required), email (required) and mobile phone number (optional).

Additionally mobile apps, when they register and create an account, have a password or other (google or facebook account login association) associated with them.

No purchase is required to register and create an account. The mobile apps, supported on iOS and Android platforms are free to install and use.

How Information is Used by SanKritiLaya

None of this information is shared with third party affiliates unless so requested by subscriber by written signed communications out-of-band for purposes of purchase). We may, however, share the information with our own personnel and our service providers to the extent necessary to fulfill the subscriber’s requests. We may make use of cookies to improve the sign-in experience and to deliver content specific to the subscriber’s interests.

In Mobile App: based on the registration mode and cookie (refer to Use and Protection of Cookies) state the user may be challenged to authenticate to their account (password or login to social network). Upon successful authentication the user will be able to access resources owned (purchased) by user such as Event Tickets and Passes purchased; and, in the future, Music Albums purchased from Sankritilaya. This may be expanded to include the ability to make such purchases from mobile apps.

Use and Protection of Cookies

Cookies are small files used (off web-browsers in desktops/laptops or in-tablet/phone by mobile apps) to preserve the login context and related information such as cached personal information of purchases. This is meta-information that is privy to the login context of subscriber and the website, Sankritilaya, in this context. This offers offline view as well as user experience optimized for speed. To protect this storage to be available to application context of the user - this information is encrypted on board with keys requiring user-credential context. Thus, Sankritilaya uses this for the purpose of remembering login context in lieu of challenging the user for login at every web access (which maintains context between accesses).

Opt-In / Opt-Out

SanKritiLaya enables users to receive communications based on their preferences when they Register through form provided on or its mobile apps. They may unsubscribe through email communications to unsubscribe or by mailing an unsubscribe request to, Attn: Secretary, 22561 Poppy Dr., Cupertino, CA 95014. SanKritiLaya reserves the right to modify this policy without advance notice or obligation. Currently this online Privacy Policy applies to all users of or its registered subscribers of mobile apps. For any questions regarding our privacy policy or about our Web site or mobile apps, please contact us at


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How to Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Privacy Policy Agreement related to our website, please feel free to contact us at the following email, telephone number or mailing address.


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