About us

Sankritilaya is a non-profit organization formed to promote India's Classical Music and Dance in North America. It is registered in State of California and is approved as a tax-exempt non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3).

Sankritilaya's mission is to contribute towards learning and appreciation of Indian Classical music and dance art forms in North America by organizing workshops and concerts by leading exponents of these art forms in North America, in collaboration with the local organizations and individuals espousing similar Cause of promoting Indian Classical fine-arts.

We serve North America by playing a role in providing a cultural bridge to India through these activities.

View the Bylaws of SanKritiLaya here.

Email: secretary@sankritilaya.org

Phone (/ WhatsApp): (650)336-LAYA (5292)

Board of Directors (and National Executive Committee):

Sankritilaya Performing Arts (SPA) Committee:

Malathi Chandramouli

Subha Chandran

Subbu Dhulipala

Aditi Ganesan

Ramaa Narayanan

Malathy Rajthilak

Rema Ramani

Latha Ravi

Ravi Ramaswamy

Karthik Santhanam

Viji Srinivasan

Ram Thirumalai

Jeffrey Pawlan

Recording Engineer